Uvonair Odor Eliminator Ozone

Uvonair Odor Eliminator Ozone


Purifies air from plants, mildew, pets, cooking & smoke

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Product Description

Uvonair Odor Eliminator generates ozone htat is one of nature’s most effective oxidizing agents. Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisms, to neutralize smells from plants, pets, cooking and smoke. It also kills mould, mildew and bacteria.

  • Built to commercial standards for relibale and economical performance under humid conditions
  • Place on a high shelf for most effective use
  • A timer may be used for alternating on/off operation

Size Guide

  • Use Uvonair 1000 for rooms up to 1000 Cubic Feet
  • Use Uvonair 3000 for rooms up to 3000 Cubic Feet
  • Use Uvonair 5000 for rooms up to 5000 Cubic Feet

Remember to place your ozone generator in an elevated position as the gas is heavier than air and will fall